The Brexit effect: how leaving the EU hit the UK | FT Film

The UK’s recent disastrous “mini” Budget can trace its origins back to Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. The economic costs of Brexit were masked by the Covid-19 pandemic and the crisis in Ukraine. But six years after the UK voted to leave, the effect has become clear. In this film, senior FT writers and British businesspeople examine how Brexit hit the UK economy, the political conspiracy of silence, and why there has not yet been a convincing case for a ‘Brexit dividend’.

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00:00 – The Brexit effect
01:41 – The economic impact
04:40 – Brexit and business
09:45 – Britain falls behind
13:45 – The labour market
15:05 – Northern Ireland conundrum
16:50 – The conspiracy of silence
18:57 – Winners and losers
21:17 – The Brexit ‘dividend

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